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Look at these incredible Disney shoes! They have really beautiful costumes and accessories as well that I will post later.

by Bbeauty Designs. 


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Dive like a boss


Dive like a boss

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Sims 3 fun facts

  • Sims eating their favourite food will sit clapping their hands like an idiot after every other bite. 
  • Neurotic sims are obsessed with sinks and stoves.
  • You can ‘look in window’ on the houses of sims you havent met yet (flipside, watch out for freak sims staring in on you - creepy)
  • You can talk to your plant.
  • Eating at least 3 apples when pregnant gives you boys and watermelons gives you girl.

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Id like to mention a couple actor’s that have been in Star Trek, but probably know them for other work. You might be surprised to see some actor’s you never would of guessed worked on Star Trek, or be surprised at some of the work familiar Star Trek actors have also done. Maybe if you know some of the actors who have been in the show, you will be interested enough to watch the episodes their in.

I’ll start with the familiar Star Trek actors that have been in other things you probably have seen, or at least heard of.

Here is Brent Spiner, known as Commander Data on The Next Generation, but here are a few other roles he has done:

Top left: Dr. Brackish Okun from Independence Day, top right: Devlin Bowman from The Master of Disguise, bottom left: French Ostrich Farmer in Dude Where’s My Car?, bottom right: Bob Wheeler in Night Court.

Here is LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge in The Next Generation, but here are some other things he has been in:

Left: Kunta Kinte in Roots, Right: host of Reading Rainbow for 21 seasons.

Here is Michael Dorn as Worf in The Next Generation, but he also does voice acting for popular children’s cartoons, like Adventure Time and is the voice of I am Weasel

So now you can picture an angry Klingon when you watch Weasel on this show.

Here is Armin Shimerman as Quark in Deep Space Nine, Its hard to tell but this is Principle Snyder in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

See, Principle Snyder.

Shimerman is also a voice actor, and is most known for being Dr. Nefarious in the Ratchet and Clank video game series. If you have ever heard Shimerman talk you know he has a distinct voice, making it easy to figure out when he voices something. Even after I discovered he voiced an iconic figure in one of my favorite video game series I didnt believe it till i listened to the tapes again.

He voices Andrew Ryan in Bioshock, I know it blew my mind too. Now every time I hear his speeches I’m going to think of the short Ferengi who would sell his brother for profit.

Now if that didn’t get you interested in checking out Star Trek, maybe the next group of people will, many people have guest starred on Star Trek, Ive mentioned a few in the previous entry now here is some more.

  Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan in TNG

Ashley Judd as Ensign Robin in TNG

John Rhys-Davies as Leonardo Da Vinci in Voyager

Andy Dick as an EMH in Voyager

Christian Slater in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Christopher Lloyed as Kruge in Search for Spock

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson as a gladiator in Voyager

Iggy Pop as Vorta Yegrun in DS9

Jason Alexander as Kurros in Voyager

Michael McKean as the Clown in Voyager

John Larroquette as Maltz in Search for Spock

Kim Cattrall as Valeris in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Kirsten Dunst in Hedril in TNG

Kirstie Alley as Lt. J.G. Saavik in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Ron Perlman as Reman Viceroy Vkruk in Star Trek: Nemesis. (looks just like him right)

Sarah Silverman as Rain Robinson in Voyager 

There are just a few of the celebrates that have been in Star Trek, there’s many more like: Vanessa Williams, Teri Hatcher, Ricardo Montalban, Malcolm McDowell, Scott Bakula, Catherine Hicks, and Don Most.

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If you have read my last post, then you’re familiar with how the technologies of Star Trek have changed the world. But it didn’t stop there. Star Trek has had an impact on people across the world as well.

Trekkies are everywhere. Sometimes it’s hard to see us because we don’talwayswalk around in a Starfleet uniform. (We only wear them on special occasions.) Here are just a few people who grew up watching the show:

Rob Zombie liked the flower in TOS that got everyone high.

Stan Lee liked that the stories were from the character’s point of view, making viewers care about the characters.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a fan as well. It’s time for a story kids; get a snack and gather round. Nichelle Nichols was going to quit Star Trek after the first season because she didn’t think it was going anywhere. She went to an NAACP meeting; there someone approached her saying they had a fan of the show there who wanted to meet her. She turned around and Dr. King was standing there, telling her he was a big fan of hers. She told him that she was quitting the show, and Dr. King told her that she couldn’t do that. He said Star Trek was one of the few shows he let his kids watch because, for the first time, an African American actress didn’t have a black role, she had an equal role; the end.

George Lucas likes Star Trek; he actually went to a couple conventions. I’m not kidding - he talked about it in “Trek Nation”. Lucas liked that Roddenberry made space exciting, and was impressed with the quality of work he produced with limited resources.

Here is a picture of Seth MacFarlane in his 2 episode role on Enterprise as Ensign Rivers. Seth isn’t a closet Trekkie; he puts references in “Family Guy” and “American Dad” all the time. Patrick Stewart even voices a re-occurring role on “American Dad” as Avery Bullock, Stan’s boss.

Here is Stephen Hawking guest staring on The Next Generation. Hawking is a Trekkie who believes in the science of science fiction. In the book, “The Physics of Star Trek” he is quoted saying  “Science Fiction, like Star Trek, is not only good fun but it also serves a serious purpose, that of expanding the human imagination.”

I hope I have been able to show you that anyone can be a Trekkie. They’re not only nerds - sometimes they’re world renowned physicists.

(As spoken by Zefram Cochran in the movie “First Contact”.)

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How many times have you used your cell phone today? We all rely on them to tell us how to get somewhere, take pictures, tell us what song is playing, remind us what we need to get done today, and sometimes we even use them to call someone. Have you ever wondered where your phone came from? Who came up with the idea to mobilize the telephone, revolutionizing the way we communicate with people? It wasn’t Steve Jobs, it was Martin Cooper an engineer at Motorola in the 70’s, and guess where he got the idea from.
Here is Martin Cooper holding his inspiration for the cell phone.
Mr. Cooper saw Kirk using a communicator on Star Trek, and wondered why we couldn’t talk to people that effortlessly in real life. So Star Trek’s communicator inspired the invention of the cellphone. That’s probably one of the more popular technologies that came from Trek, but it’s not the only one.
A lot of scientists at NASA were kids in the 60’s and were fascinated by the idea of exploring space. The crew of the Enterprise are the ones who planted this idea into their heads. one of these Trek inspired Scientists is Mark Rayman a propulsion engineer at NASA. He works at the Jet Propulsion’s Lab which is responsible for NASA’s unmanned probes. Rayman came up with a type of propulsion used in the probe “Dawn” which is currently studying the protoplanet Vesta. 
Here is a picture of Vesta taken by Dawn.
Dawns main mission is to study how the solar system was formed, to do this it needs to travel to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter , which is pretty far. It would take a lot of fuel for Dawn to reach its destination, it is impossible to equip a probe with that much fuel because it would be too heavy and probably wouldn’t even launch. So Rayman came up with a different way to get Dawn where it needed to be.His idea was ion propulsion, but Rayman can’t take full credit for this technology because Ion propulsion was first used in Star Trek. It got it’s start in the original series episode “Spock’s brain” (which wasn’t the best episode to have associated with such a great invention) If Rayman hadn’t of watched the show as a kid which inspired him to work for NASA our space exploration would probably still be limited to how far a rocket could take us.

Space wasn’t the only thing inspiring inventors. People found the tools that the crew used very interesting as well. In every episode the crew worked with small computers. To us this might not seem like a big deal, but in the 60’s a computer wasn’t a common household object because it took up more space than just a desk, they took up whole rooms.
Here is a typical computer from the 60’s, good luck plugging your ipod into it.
Ed Roberts is the creator of the first personal computer, he was also Bill Gates inspiration to make Microsoft. So what inspired the mentor of the man who brought us the xbox? (and showed us we don’t need a social life because video games are awesome)
This is the first personal computer-Altair 8800.
The Altair is named after a popular destination from Star Trek, where the idea for a small compact computer came from.

Star Trek has even inspired the medical field, Dr. Mccoy’s tricorder showed us that finding out why a person is sick can be quick and painless. Before MRI’s and CAT scans doctors had to do exploratory surgery to find tumors.
He’s dead Jim, and he’s not even wearing a red shirt.

The inventions inspired from Star Trek weren’t all from the original series. In fact before you thank Apple (or your parents) for your Ipod you should thank Data. In The Next Generation, Data (an android) listened to multiple pieces of music at once. Being able to call up music so easily on the computer was not possible at the time so this idea intrigued Steve Perlman who worked at Apple at the time. We are all familiar with the QuickTime player because at some point you have probably used it.Perlman created it because of that Data scene, the QuickTime player was crucial in the development of mp3 players.
Yes you are Data.

So now you know how Star Trek has changed your life through just a couple inventions, but there are more ways that Trek has changed your life, and that is what i will bring up in my other entries along with ways it has changed specific peoples lives. I hope this has gotten you excited about Star Trek, and interested in my blog about it.

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I was doing this on LiveJournal, but after using it once I’ve decided i dont like it, I know I like tumblr, so here it is.

In my writing class we have a final project that can be anything as long as it has a point. It didn’t take me long ( Zero point six eight seconds) to decide to involve Star Trek some how. I had an idea to do a blog (because 1 month isnt long enough to do a documentary) about the inspiration and culture of the Trek universe. Star Trek has had a huge impact not only on my life but millions of other people across the world. It has actually affected your life to, which is something a lot of people don’t realize. I plan on talking about the technologies and philosophies of Star Trek and their affect, and potential affect on the world. Along the way I will add my own personal experience, stories, and thoughts on the subject. I have also set up interviews with fellow Trekkie’s, Garrett Wang ( Voyager’s Ensign Harry Kim) and Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry (Gene Roddenberry’s son) to get their experiences with Star Trek. I have never done a blog, or anything like this before, but i am really excited about this project.

Stay tuned, awesomeness to come.